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Friends and enemies are almost the same.
They draw out emotions.
You tell them things you wouldn't tell anyone else.
You fight with them, if they're great enough.
There is only one difference between them.
An enemy fights to end the battle with you.
A friend fights to keep it going.
There is no wrong except that which is taboo.
There is no right except that which is not.
There is no taboo except that which those in power say is taboo.
The taboo is wrong.
It will always be wrong.
It can only be right if the people who call it wrong are proved wrong.
And those people will never be proved wrong.
To be proved wrong, there must be an argument.
For there to be an argument, someone has to listen.
For there to be a question, someone has to listen.
They never listen.
They want to be right.
They like being right.
And they are in power.
Those who were in power before them liked to be right.
As did those before them.

The first people in power.
They liked being right.
So they made liking being right right.
They told that to those who were below them.
"It's right to like being right."
And when the people below became the people in power, they did the same.
They told the people below them.
"It's right to like being right."
And then those people came into power.
And so it's right to like being right.
Which means that being wrong is taboo.
Being wrong is wrong.

If we ask someone why stealing is wrong, they will not listen.
They will just silently accuse us of being thieves.
I think there's something wrong with me.
I'm not normal.
I'm not human.
I don't cry when I feel sad.
I don't bite my tongue when I'm angry.
I can relate more to a kid who beat the crap out of a classmate for kicking over his smoothie
Than I can to kids who were bullied worse than I was.
I felt more free in captivity than I do in liberation.
There, the rules were simple.
Here, the rules are complicated.
They don't tell you what to do, but still punish you for doing wrong.
There, they didn't pretend to be my friends.
They accepted me for what I was.
Here, they lie.
They call themselves friends.
They reject what I am and try to make peace with what they want me to be.
They try to kill me.
They try to turn me into a shell, then fill me with whatever pleases them.
I look at people who give freedom of religion, speech, sexual identity and many other things that are pushed into corners in the rest of society, and all I see are chains.
Chains of expectations.
Chains of responsibility.
I look at a mother who wants what's "best" for her child.
All I see is an overbearing authority who tries in vain to change her child, so she can convince herself she's not a failure.
Because she's not a failure if he is.
I look at people who chose drugs over their families.
I look at people who beat up classmates behind schools.
I look at people who barely escaped prison for everything they did.
I see my kin.
I see people who won't judge me for what I've done, because they believe they've done worse.
I see people who won't judge me for what I haven't done, because they know that, even though they've done it, it's wrong.
I see people who aren't afraid of the authorities that enforce freedom on us.
Who aren't afraid to get angry at them.
Who aren't afraid to be friends with them.
Who aren't afraid to joke with them.
Or laugh with them.
Or shout at them.

I look at good people.
And all I see is what I'm afraid of becoming.
What I'm ashamed of having been.
I look at bad people.
And all I see is courage.
What I wish I could be.

There must be something wrong with me.
One Year Later by Tanaka5141174
One Year Later
Been a year since Monty... Doesn't feel like a year. Doubt it ever will.
It's hard to see, but he's holding the memory key Roosterteeth advertised. I just took the picture a minute ago, because I'm a last-minute guy.
We'll always remember you Monty. Your memory is the key.


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